Tidbit #1

A common question posed these days is “Does it really matter how many children I have?” Some people in this world would give different answers; some would say “No of course not! Its your choice!” or “No, the less children the better!” and some of us would say, “Of course it matters!”

After the Baby Boom in the 40’s and 50’s people began to fear that our world was becoming overpopulated and that eventually we would run out of resources and destroy the environment. After this scare people began having children less and less. Families became smaller and the fertility rate dropped down significantly. If this trend continues as it has, eventually the world will become underpopulated. Not only does the economy become badly affected by this, but so does the value of the family.

More and more these days, people underestimate the power of families and the world has even turned family into some kind of joke. By the worlds standards its laughable to wait until marriage to have sex, and that a family with more than three kids is an abomination to society. Couples live together instead of getting married, and the definition of marriage is even evolving. But this is not reality and it is far from truth. The family is the foundation of morals; this is where we learn right and wrong, where we learn to walk and communicate and care for others.

Why put a value on having kids? I may not be a parent, but I can only imagine that raising a family is the most valuable experience you will ever have as a human on this earth. It may cause the most pain, but it will without a doubt bring the most joy. There are spirit children waiting to come down to earth and experience life for themselves and it is our responsibility to bring them here to earth.

So, yes. It does matter how many children you have. With each child you raise and protect you gain that much satisfaction and fulfillment. You gain the most incredible and honorable experience imaginable. Don’t let the thought of parenthood weigh you down and scare you away. A great responsibility with an even greater reward.


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